„create, control and raise revenue from your advertising assets“

Built in cooperation with leading publishers for publishers worldwide to achieve AdTech stack optimisation. Taking all the crucial advantages of Prebid.js, Open Bidding (Google) and Amazon Publisher Services, solving the issues and struggles they have.

What's best, adELA can run next to any other solution and easily implement in current programmatic setup, simplifying A/B testing and evaluation of its technical and financial gains.

Reach us to find out more, to observe its advantages and benefits on yourself!

We deliver measurable values

Increased Yield

We are increasing your programmatic yield through first price open auction and with quality demand partners. That compared to standard selling methods means two digits % revenue increase.

Increased Tracked and Paid Impressions

Over 95% accuracy thanks to server side integrations & low latency. Not only your websites become more user friendly, but also reach its full revenue potential.

Zero Infrastructure

Once adELA is used there is no need for your own infrastructure to run first price auctions. Our cloud based solution is ready for whatever level of scalability your websites requires.

Zero DevOps Capacities

Quick & Easy implementation and management of adELA allows your development & operations capacities to focus on whatever else you need. We take care of that.

Moments of Truth


  • option to use publisher or adELA owned contracts with SSPs & DSPs
  • auction in net prices
  • auction in chosen unified currency
  • higher yield
  • single point of contact for inventory management
  • full control over floor prices
  • transparency and independency on advertisers, SSPs & DSPs
  • easy to A/B test & start
  • programmatic setup support
  • programmatic audit


  • server side first price auction and header bidding platform
  • native server-to-server integration with other ad systems
  • solved latency issues
  • increased viewability
  • better UX for audience
  • accurate tracking and higher amount of paid impressions
  • zero DevOps capacities
  • no infrastructure requirements
  • world-class data storage


  • dashboards & stats
  • API access
  • privacy and security
  • complete log-level data access
  • language support
  • customer support

Who We Are

adELA is an all-in-one cloud based, server side header bidding solution for online publishers, websites and blogs all around the world. Positioning ourself as a key technology partner focused at only one goal, to make programmatic life easier and efficient. It’s possible to get control back into publishers hands with smart technology, permanent support and disruptive mindset!


Tomáš Vika

CEO & Co-Founder

More than fifteen years in executive, finance & sales. Lifetime entrepreneur, former Olympic level sailor.


Tomáš Kučera

CTO & Co-Founder

Over twenty-five years in IT - solution architectures & data. Successfully established and exited an IT company.

Founded January 2018, 100% founder-owned.
Based in Prague, Czech Republic and London, United Kingdom.
Team of 11+ people including industry and domain experts from Canada and Russia.